"Footprints" Framed Wood Print

"Footprints" Framed Wood Print

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A Framed Wood Print is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that will add a certain uniqueness to your home or workspace. With each Wood Print the ink from a photo print is transferred from paper onto a piece of pine board. Through the transfer process the ink is engrained permanently Into the wood leaving a high quality photo remaining. During the transfer some parts of the photo, especially the lighter ones, will become more transparent allowing the grain on the wood to show through the photo creating an interesting texture to the image. Some of the ink does not get absorbed into the blemishes of the wood leaving a distressed vintage look to the photo when all is said and done. The final Wood Print is coated with a glossy layer of clear to make the image pop as well as add a layer of protection to ensure that the ink will stay free from harm. The frame surrounding the wood slab is constructed with smooth unfinished pine board. The wood slab is inlaid 1.25” within the 1.5” wide frame leaving a quarter inch behind the slab perfect for hanging. 

The Framed Wood Prints are offered in two sizes with the larger outside dimensions being 12.75” x 18.5” print and the smaller 8.75” x 12.5” print so you are able to choose the option that best fits your need. 

Please note that because the photo transfer process is not absolute, each Wood Print is truly one of a kind so no one piece will look like another.

This photo was taken at Secret Beach in Maui, HI in summer of 2017

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